Rowenta Compacteo Cyclonic RS-RT9673 vacuum cleaner foam filter

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Vacuum cleaner foam filter Rowenta Compaction - Cyclonic Compaction. Replacement accessory for cleaning appliance. The filter must be in perfect condition to be able to retain small dust particles.

Referencia: RS-RT9673

RO176701/4Q0 RO1721R1/4Q0 RO178301/4Q0 RO3467T1/4Q0
RO176701/4Q0 RO172601/4Q0 RO17834A/4Q0 RO346901/4Q0
RO176701/4Q0 RO173301/4Q0 RO1783R1/4Q0 RO348601/4Q0
RO176701/4Q0 RO17334A/4QO RO178501/4Q0 RO176701/4Q0
RO178301/4Q0 RO1733R1/4Q0 RO179501/4Q0 RO176701/4Q0
RO178301/4Q0 RO1733X1/4Q0 RO17954A/4Q0 RO176701/4Q0
RO178301/4Q0 RO1733Y1/4Q0 RO1795R1/4Q0 RO176701/4Q0
RO178301/4Q0 RO173601/4Q0 RO1795T1/4Q0 RO178301/4Q0
RO179501/4Q0 RO175501/4Q0 RO342101/4Q0 RO178301/4Q0
RO179501/4Q0 RO17554A/4Q0 RO342301/4Q0 RO178301/4Q0
RO179501/4Q0 RO1755GA/4Q0 RO342701/4Q0 RO178301/4Q0
RO179501/4Q0 RO1755R1/4Q0 RO344301/4Q0 RO178301/4Q0
RO17114A/4Q0 RO1755X1/4Q0 RO344901/4Q0 RO178301/4Q0
RO171701/4Q0 RO1755Y1/4Q0 RO346301/4Q0 RO179501/4Q0
RO1717R1/4Q0 RO176701/4Q0 RO34634A/4Q0 RO179501/4Q0
RO1717Y1/4Q0 RO17674A/4Q0 RO3463GA/4Q0 RO179501/4Q0
RO171901/4Q0 RO1767R1/4Q0 RO3463X1/4Q0 RO179501/4Q0
RO172101/4Q0 RO177301/4Q0 RO3463Y1/4Q0

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