Polti Forzaspira Lecologico M0005502 vacuum cleaner motor

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Original replacement motor for the vacuum cleaner Skin.

This replacement motor can be used to replace motors that have burned out due to excess dirt or not changing the bags or filters at the right time.

Replacement part for household appliance.

Polti official technical service.

Reference: M0005502

  • PBEU0068 Lecologico AS820 Aspirator
  • PBEU0064 Lecologico AS850 Aspirator
  • PBEU0065 Lecologico AS870 Parquet Vacuum Cleaner
  • PBEU0070 Lecologico AS870 Parquet Vacuum Cleaner
  • PBEU0071 Lecologico AS890 Aspirator
  • PBEU0091 Forzaspira Lecologico Allergy
  • PBEU0092 Forzaspira Lecologico Allergy Parquet
  • PBEU0093 Forzaspira Lecologico Allergy Turbo

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