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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Display de cambio de cartucho para Jarra Brita 10009270
Filtro jarra Brita Maxtra+ de filtrado de agua
Filtro Jarra agua BWT Gourmet 120 lt.
Recambio filtro depurador Brita On Tap
Pack filtros Jarra Laica de filtrado de agua F3A2
Kit 3 disco filtro Brita 1020107

Kit 3 Brita filter disc 1020107

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Filtro de agua de grifo Philips WP3961
Filtro para grifo Brita On Tap 600 litros 1037003

Filters for water purifier accessories: Jugs and taps in The filters of the filter jugs must be changed periodically so that the water purifiers work correctly. The filters of the jugs must be replaced from 120 to 150 liters. In the filter tap cartridges it depends on the model and brand: Find the right filter spare part: Brita, Philips, Laika Find the part you are looking for, and if you need advice, contact us Buy the spare parts online brand you need. Your water is always clean and perfect with our pieces.