Rowenta Soam RS-RT9237 vacuum cleaner foam filter

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Vacuum cleaner foam filter Rowenta Soam. Original replacement for vacuum cleaner. The filter prevents small dust particles from reaching the motor and returning to the home air.

Referencia RS-RT9237

RO121101/900 RO12334A/900
RO1211FA/900 RO1233R1/900
RO122101/900 RO1233R2/900
RO12214A/900 RO1241R1/900
RO1221R1/900 RO124301/900
RO1221R2/900 RO12434A/900
RO122401/900 RO1243IA/900
RO1229F1/900 RO1243R1/900
RO123101/900 RO124601/900
RO12314A/900 RO1246R1/900
RO1231IA/900 RO1246R2/900
RO123301/900 RO1249R1/900
RO123311/900 RO125601/900

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