Electric repair parts for irons

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Showing 1 - 36 of 49 products

Showing 1 - 36 of 49 products
Interruptor Centro Planchado Vapor Polti Forever M0004629Interruptor Centro Planchado Vapor Polti Forever M0004629
Interruptor plancha Vaporella Polti SL001405Interruptor plancha Vaporella Polti SL001405
Bomba centro de planchado Rowenta CS-00137184
Interruptor luminoso redondo Cafetera y Plancha
Interruptor Encendido Vaporella Polti Bipolar M0002279
Carcasa cable plancha Rowenta Silence Steam CS-00136826
Bobina pequeña plancha calderín M0001169
Interruptor centro planchado Rowenta y Tefal CS-00116541
Interruptor centro de planchado Rowenta CS-00129943
Cable completo Plancha BraunTexstyle 7312712534
Interruptor bipolar luminoso rojo plancha Polti M0003816
Cable de plancha Rowenta RS-DW0175
Cable de plancha Rowenta Pro Master RS-DW0006
Interruptor bipolar Polti Vaporella M0005170
Cable alimentación plancha Rowenta, Tefal, Moulinex  CS-00134537
Resistencia base plancha Rowenta Compact Steam CS-00140345
Circuito electrónico Polti Vaporella Next VN18 SLDB3220
Resistencia suela plancha Rowenta Pro Master RS-DW0346
Conector cepillo centro de planchado Ariete AT5216003600
Interruptor luminoso rojo Polti M0004021
Resistencia suela plancha Rowenta Pro Master RS-DW0629
Lampara plancha Polti M0000633
Suela centro planchado Rowenta Compact Steam CS-00135917
Carcasa delantera plancha Tefal CS-00123023Carcasa delantera plancha Tefal CS-00123023
Sensor centro de planchado Braun Carestyle 5212810821

In we have the appropriate electrical repair parts for your ironing center Find in the spare parts of the brand you need: Rowenta, Polti, Bosch, Ufesa, Taurus, Tefal, Braun, Ariete, Delonghi, Solac, Philips, Electrolux. We offer you an endless number of original spare parts and accessories so that your iron is kept in perfect condition. Your electrical repair parts always in operation thanks to